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Grays Harbor Scanner Local News And Alerts

Grays Harbor Scanner is one of our largest projects. It has a social media concept integrated with official news updates from police, fire, and ems agencies. The social media aspect uses unofficial breaking news alerts, followed up with official news stories from official channels such as police and fire agencies. We have taken networking with all of our local agencies serious and provide a direct channel of communications and cooperation for our posts and articles. We have built a solid, reputable position in our community to be reliable and a go to source for all Grays Harbor Things. 

Using all of these strategies, we have built a fan base of over 55,000 people and reaching over 200,000 people average.

How does this help you, a business, an organization, or an event host?  This gives us an opportunity to host advertising and marketing campaigns that reach thousands of people with an interest in Grays Harbor businesses, events, and all kinds of things Grays Harbor. 

Grays Harbor Media Services uses its own scheduler script for scheduled advertising and marketing campaigns over across all of its social media platforms to make ease of getting your campaigns out there.  We can use this same script for your social media campaigns not just the advertising ones. 

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