About Grays Harbor Media Services establishing your online presence professionally.

    Grays Harbor Media Services owner Brian has a long history of website design, web server hosting and social media marketing.  His web designs, mostly configuring and working with content management systems helps provide businesses and individuals with an online presence that is professional and has a state of the art look that beats all others.  

    Grays Harbor Media Services serves are parent business for several digital services that Brian offers.  These services include website design, Digital Photography, Drone flight images, online advertising and news alerts and community news.

    Creative Web Design

    • Using modern styles combined with usability and features to make your website stand out

    Digital Advertising

    Using our social media presence and news website GHScanner we can build your brand name through advertising like no other.

    Social Media Strategy Building

    Helping you build your brand by using social media!

    Advertising Using Our Social Media Presence and Websites

    We have built a powerful social media presence through Grays Harbor Scanner, one of Brians head projects started over 10 years ago.  With a reach of over 200,000 people weekly we have several ways to advertise your business or event reaching more people that you can imagine.

    Facebook Shouts

    Using our social media presence advertising your events by Facebook Shouts

    Advertisng On Our Websites

    By using our news update website you can reach up to 12,000 people a month or more in advertising.

    Helping you create a professional look online
    with class!

    Grays Harbor Media Services owner has designed and worked with many clients and businesses to establish a professional web presence.  It is essential this day and age to really go above and beyond to create the best experience for those looking to use you for their next project, purchase or to find information.  

    Contact us today to get a consultation on what we can do for you.  Currently Brian only works with local clients.

    It is all about Social Media Your succss
    depends on how you work it!

    Grays Harbor Media Services has had huge success in the social media market.  Our main project website has 35,000 fans and reaches over 200,000 people a week.  Our Facebook Shouts that we post on the page reaches anywhere from 1,00 - 8,000 people in under 3 days.  So when we talk about social media, we know social media. 

    If you are looking to gain a foothold and need help in getting your business off the ground, or into the social media arena and doing it right contact us today and we can set something up.

    Grays Harbor Scanner Our News
    and flash updates project

    Grays Harbor Scanner is one of our largest projects. It has a social media concept integrated with official news updates from police, fire and ems agencies.

    The social media aspect uses unofficial breaking news alerts, followed up with official news stories. Using all of these strategies we have built a fan base of over 35,000 people and reaching over 200,000 people weekly.

    Starting in December 2018 we will be taking part in the Facebook "Supporters" feature which will allow us to target specific posts to page and service supporters. This will allow us to expand our services and do so much more not just in a business sense but for the community as well.

    Contacting Us

    Due to all of the multiple projects we work on the best way to contact us is through email.  With all the spam phone calls we get these days on our cell phones we have a program that actually blocks numbers that are not in our contacts list.  So start off our communications so we can help you best by sending us an email.

    Contact Us

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